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Saturday, August 27, 2011

song dong

Song Dong, 'Waste Not'

I was envious of friends who saw Song Dong's work at the recent Venice Biennale, as it looked both beautiful and profound, and then found this slideshow relating to his earlier work, 'Waste Not', documenting the lifetime possessions of his elderly mother in her Beijing apartment:
song dong slideshow from new york times 2009

There are a number of works which resonate and connect with this, including Chen Qiulin's reconstruction of the traditional timber houses drowned under the Three Gorges Dam, and of course our own Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy. My first experience of Song Dong's practice was his fantastic imaginary 'Edible City'  made of thousands of biscuits and installed in Selfridge's Food Hall in London - this prompted some interesting discussions with my Year 12 class about contemporary art practice and the connections between materials and meanings.